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The key to helping you optimize your time and refine your administrative operations. 

Laurie Santana

 As the CEO and founder of your thriving business, you took a grand idea and you made it a reality.

 Your customers’ experiences are at the forefront of what your company represents. You love what you do and truly impact people through your work. You have a passion to do more.

 But recently, most of your days are filled with being reactive and not proactively driving growth.

 You are either overwhelmed, burnt out, hitting maximum capacity, or all three are halting the momentum of your established vision. 

Too much of your effort and time is going into following up with countless emails, learning another project management tool, and manually completing routine business tasks. 

You are the visionary, you deserve to be standing in your spotlight and elevate your impact. 

Enter, your Online Administrative Manager. 

I'm the person CEOs and business owners call when you are ready to outsource the management of your administrative operation by: introducing detailed SOPs, framework action plans, and white-glove executive support to reclaim your time, creative energy, and excitement toward your work.

What is an Online Administrative Manager?

An Online Administrative Manager (OAM) takes the executive support of an Executive Assistant (EA) with the leadership of an Online Business Manager (OBM) and integrates them to provide a premium online partnership to the CEO.

Once onboarding is complete, your OAM is your go-to resource as a solution finder, a part of your team who organizes and runs your day-to-day operation remotely which releases you to focus on creating, planning, and growing.

How I support you:

I first get to know you, your business, and we deep dive into getting your operation organized. 

This is accomplished through digital organization, process building, and solution support.

How we accomplish our goals:

Once we organize and establish your operational foundation, it doesn't end there. 

I am part of your team through process launches and changes, testing and adjusting periods as you take ownership and fall in love with your business all over again.

Kind words from those I have worked with:

Who Do I Help?

 Leveraging my experience within various industries, I have had the privilege of working with clients from executive consultants to multi-business founders.

 My clients' industries have ranged from keynote speakers, online community founders, corporate culture consultants, and more.

 My services match with growth-mindset CEOs and founders who are enthusiastic to open their operations to a trusted individual in order to replace their stresses with structured solutions.

 When I am your right-hand the answer to any project can always be found or developed.

 I aim to simplify, learn your company's voice, guide you through decision-making and rollouts, and provide you with a well-organized framework you will use for years to come.

How Can We Work Together?

My Online Administrative Management service is an exclusive partnership opportunity using my expertise and skillset to bring forth your business voice and goals into detailed organized frameworks, SOPs, and plans ready to implement. 

Together we celebrate the start of our collaboration with dedicated time breaking down where you are, where you envision your role within your business, lay the foundation of where support is best suited, and get an action plan best fit for you in place.

We will establish the best cadence of communication and level of essential decision-making needed by you. 

The goal: establish what only you can do and delegate what others can do for you. 

You set the priority and how customized you want the targeted area of support to be. I will bring the best sense of urgency and care to all aspects of our partnership keeping you informed, involved, and at ease.

I am your brand ambassador and accountability guide; carrying out your visions as they become integrated into your business. 

Honored to have worked with:

Let's Connect

Are you a leadership expert or business owner who needs an operational clean-up with administrative organization, process building, and solution support?

Do you have great processes and frameworks in place but find you need an extra business boost to support your business growth?

Or are you just not sure where to start or what exactly you need?  

Schedule some time for us to connect. 

I am happy to talk through your operational frustrations and where you'd like your focus to be.  Together we can reduce your stress and reignite your drive to do what you do best!

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